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Don’t look up to no damn Tumblr user. I don’t care how many followers these niggas got, they’re just like you. They log on and waste their time the same way you do. They ain’t special. So just get on here and enjoy your time, man.

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I had to let ya know, that I got a crush on you 

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Who let they uncle out the house???

bruh lol

I want backstory

He is out living lmfao


Let him live!! He’s just tryna get his swerve on 

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After George was found not guilty of second-degree murder in July 2013, Robert began thinking about how to accelerate the Zimmerman rebranding project. There had to be a way to capitalize on George’s notoriety. A family business, maybe. He and his mother had an idea: George could be the frontman for a home-security company called Z Security Products. “They all start with Z,” Robert explained, walking me through an imagined product line. “There’s the Z Bar, the Z Rock, and the Z Beam. They’re all targeted to women. One is to secure sliding doors. One is to put in the front door. The light is to carry and is designed by George. It has a little alarm—you know, Help me, help me!”

Robert’s ultimate goal was to turn George into a reality-TV star. His models were John Walsh, who began hosting America’s Most Wanted after his 6-year-old son was abducted and killed, and the Kardashians, whose fame was launched by Kim’s leaked sex tape. “I learn a lot from watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” Robert told me. “Like, use the shit you’ve got.” One idea was for George to be the focus of a Candid Camera-style program. One episode, for example, might feature a professor teaching a class about self-defense, and at the end of the episode it would be revealed—surprise!—that George was one of the students.

GQ Magazine has released a very controversial article about the family of George Zimmerman. One of the most shocking facts from the article, which I will not be posting in full on this blog, is in the snippet I shared above. It was the fact that Zimmerman’s family almost got George a reality show similar to the Kardashians, which would’ve been a major fuck-up. 

The simple fact is this, Zimmerman should be behind bars. Plain and simple. He should not be free for how he ruthlessly murdered Trayvon Martin, an unarmed African-American teenager. 

Read the full article, if you dare, here.

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I probably think about ending my life more than anything, cause I don’t know what I’m living for anymore. But I’m just too scared, cause what if I figure it out right before it’s too late..

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